Black & Decker JE2200B Fruit and Vegetable Extractor Review

Are you on the fence as far as juicing is concerned?

Are you wondering if it will really be that beneficial to you or worth the time and effort?

Black & Decker JE2200B2I would suggest, then, that you start out with probably the best affordable juicer, which is the Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup. You can find it for a very reasonable price on Amazon. And it actually does just about everything a more expensive centrifugal juicer will do, plus it doesn’t take up much counter space, only measuring about 9″x9″x13″ tall.

3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)
What Are the Main Features of this Black and Decker Juice Extractor?

  • Stainless steel circular blade attached to the strainer for easy cleaning
  • Large pulp container that is integrated into the juicer to take up less counter space
  • Custom 300 ml. pitcher with a pour spout to catch the juice and easily pour into a glass
  • Quick and easy On/Off switch
  • Dual safety lock mechanism to keep everything in place for a safe, no-spill juicing experience
  • Pulp collector holds 28 oz. of pulp
  • All parts are dishwasher safe except the body housing the motor

The ratings for this juicer are pretty much all over the board. A lot of reviewers really like it, but there are also a lot more mediocre ratings than with other juicers.

For an inexpensive juicer, it does seem to do the job with most fruits and vegetables, even as much as juicing greens such as kale and spinach. But as with other centrifugal juicers, you will want to roll the leaves up in a tight ball and put them through the chute with something firmer such as an apple.

What Kind of Noise Factor is Involved?

This Black and Decker juice extractor has a 400 watt motor and is about as loud as a blender. It’s probably not something you would want to use in a household of light sleepers early in the morning or late at night. But on the other hand, it juices quickly enough that the noise isn’t going to last very long if you’re just making enough for one glass full.

What Handicaps Do You Have With This Juice Machine?

I would say one of the biggest drawbacks is the small opening in the food chute. It’s only about 1 inch by 2 inches, compared to the larger 3 inch opening on the The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite, so you do have to take extra time to cut up your fruits and veggies.

An apple will probably have to be cut in quarters and carrots should be cut lengthwise. Sometimes, though, when you want to spend less money, you have to make it up by spending more time and some people have more time than money.

Another thing that is a little different from other juicers is that the cutter/filter basket snaps into place inside the juice separator and in order to get it back out, you have to pull up on the separator to detach it and then the cutter/strainer basket will drop right out. This seems to cause some people a little trouble, but I imagine it’s just something that takes time to get used to.

Something else a couple of reviewers were having trouble with was the latching mechanisms on the side. They said they were difficult to latch but my thoughts on that are they might have been trying to forcefully detach them or something.

They should, in fact, easily fit in place if everything is attached properly. What you have to do is, when attaching, just position the top of the latch over the lip in the cover and then snap down. When unlatching, simply lift up on the latch from the bottom and it should easily unhook from the lip in the cover.

What Kind of Warranty Does It Have?

The warranty is only for 2 years and is limited to defects from the original manufacturer. So if you misuse it or drop it or something and it breaks, you won’t get a replacement.

Some Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your New Juicer

  • When juicing hard vegetables such as carrots or sweet potatoes or beet root, instead of cutting them into blocks or chunks, try slicing them lengthwise, just wide enough to fit into the chute. This will keep the motor from bogging down and will extract the juice quicker.
  • With softer fruit such as pears or tomatoes you might have to run the pulp back through the juicer a second time to get all the juice out. It’s entirely up to you if you want to get more out of the pulp or not.
  • Putting a produce bag in the pulp collector will not only make it easier to clean out, but also easier to dump the pulp back into the juicer if you do want to run it through again.
  • If you’re planning on juicing large quantities at a time, be sure to stop the juicer and empty the pulp container before it gets too full and also take out the cutter/filter basket and clean it out so it doesn’t get too clogged.
  • When juicing anything, especially the harder foods, don’t fill the chute up full. Just feed the produce through one at a time and gently press down with the food plunger to get the juice out.
  • If you’d like to add a little extra flavoring, put a small piece of ginger through the juicer first.

To get replacement parts for the Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup you can go to

To Summarize

If you just want to get your feet wet in the juicing craze and not spend an arm and a leg, the best juicer for the money will probably be the Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor.

It’s a little noisy, but has a good strong motor for quick juicing and can even juice leafy greens if you wad them into a tight bundle.

You can get it very inexpensively whereas other centrifugal juicers can run in the hundreds of dollars.

The clean up is easy but as with most juicers, you’ll want to do it right after juicing to prevent dried on particles of food and staining. Using a brush will help clean the strainer basket. And it’s compact enough to sit on your counter ready to extract your next glass of nutrient dense juice.

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