Nutrifaster Commercial Juicer Review-Is it Worth the Price?

Nutrifaster Commercial JuicerYes, the Nutrifaster juicer price is high, but is it worth the price?  It’s definitely one of, if not the best industrial juicer on the market.  It makes totally pulp-free juice and is used in most juice bars as the commercial quality juicer of choice.

If you’re interested in opening a juice bar or adding fresh made fruit and vegetable juice to your restaurant or just want a heavy duty juicer for your family’s needs, the Nutrifaster n450 Commercial centrifugal juicer is the one you’ll want.


4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

If you have a large family and want to live a healthy lifestyle, this juicing machine will hold up to many years of regular use. The cost isn’t so much when you consider the money you could save by each member of your family living a healthy life with more nutrition and less illnesses.

Is This a Masticating or Centrifugal Juicer?

Nutrifaster N450 Multi Purpose JuicerNutrifaster N450 Multi Purpose JuicerThis is a centrifugal juicing machine, which may seem strange because of the price. Usually the masticating juicers are the more expensive ones because they retain more nutrients because of the slow “chewing and squishing” factor.

But the fact that this juicer is a commercial one and meant for fast juicing, the juice will normally be drank within 15 minutes or so of being made, which is the time frame in which you would get the most nutrients from a centrifugal juicer.




How Easy is the Nutrifaster to Clean?

As with most juicers, it really is fairly easy to clean. I know that’s the worst part of juicing, but it’s easy to disassemble and clean the:

  • juice pan
  • screen basket
  • cutter blade
  • top
  • and the food pusher

As with every juicer, be sure to scrub the screen thoroughly to get any lodged pulp out of the tiny holes. You can also put all the parts in the dishwasher except for the housing unit.

For commercial use, there are instructions in the manual on sanitizing the juicer at the beginning of each day and instructions for soaking the parts in a cleaning solution at the end of each day.

With this machine, it’s very important to keep the basket and cutter blade as clean and in as good shape as possible to prevent problems or even possibly damage to the machine.

How Big is the Nutrifaster Commercial Juicer?

The dimensions are 12 x 16 x 19 inches tall. As you’ll see in the video below, it is quite larger than what it looks like in the images. And with it weighing in around 61 lbs. you definitely don’t want to have to be moving it around every day if it’s in your home. You would need a place for it to permanently sit on your counter.

Plus, I find it much more motivating and encouraging to juice every day, sometimes multiple times a day if my juicer is sitting out on the counter. The motor runs on 1.25 hp at 3450 rpms.

What Kind of Blades Come With This Juicer?

There’s one stainless steel cutter plate blade that comes with the Nutrifaster juicer machine. It has 16 rows of cutting blades so be very careful when handling this plate. This main cutter is for fruits and vegetables although it can be used for leafy greens also.

They do have another blade – a shredder cutting blade that’s for use with leafy greens – that you can order separately here. The cutter plate can be resharpened and is recommended to be done every 2-4 months of commercial use.

Some signs of the cutter blade needing to be sharpened would be the pulp being too wet or needing to use more produce than normal to get the same yield and even finding it difficult to push the produce through the chute.

Will the Nutrifaster Commercial Juicer Overheat With Prolonged Use?

It does have an automatic shut-off valve if the motor starts overheating. There’s a reset button to push after it cools down, as it won’t reset on its own. However, this is a very heavy duty machine and it would probably take running it for more than 1/2 hr at a time to cause it to overheat.

It’s meant for heavy duty juicing, so the motor can handle large quantities of fruits and vegetables passing through it. In fact, you should push produce through rather quickly with this juicer. This helps with efficient extraction.

How Much Pulp Gets Into the Juice?

Actually, this is one of the most efficient at removing pulp, leaving the juice smooth and pulp free. Pulp is ejected through a plastic tube that can be directed behind the counter into a bucket or something below the counter.

With this feature you can do continuous juicing without stopping to clean out the pulp collector after every glassful.

The plastic pulp tube can also be cut down to size if you would rather have the pulp receptacle on the counter such as in a home environment.

What Kind of Warranty Does it Have?

It does only have a 1 yr limited warranty.

There Must Be Some Negative Aspects

There really are only a couple of negatives. To be truly efficient at juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass, you would probably need to purchase the shredder cutting blade.

Also, it is very heavy, being a commercial grade juicer, so would not be a good choice for a home where it would have to be moved around a lot.

Some Tips For Using This Nutrifaster n450 Juicer Extractor

With some juicers it’s recommended to bunch up leafy greens and push through the food chute. Not with this one. They recommend you put a few leaves in at a time and follow up with firmer vegetables. Otherwise it could stress the motor if you bunch them up.

With this juicer the best way to run citrus fruit through the chute is to cut the pieces slightly larger than the chute opening and squeeze them down through the chute, pressing firmly with the food plunger.

Citrus and tropical fruits should be peeled of their outer peelings, but leave the white underside of the citrus fruit, as it contains Vit. C and bioflavonoids. Some tropical fruit peelings may contain fertilizer chemicals if they come from other countries that don’t have the stringent laws against using them.

It’s best to end the juice making process with a firm piece of food, pushing it through fast and with some pressure. This will help get the most juice out and the most pulp extracted.

To Summarize

In all honesty, if I had the money, I’d be buying this commercial juicer machine today. But I don’t. I realize this is only one of many Nutrifaster juicer reviews, but hopefully someone reading this will    Check it Out on Amazon,   make a purchase and come back with comments on what they think of it.

It’s quiet, heavy duty, makes a high yield of juice free of pulp, will last many years with regular use, but you may need to get the shredder blade if you want to mostly juice leafy greens and wheatgrass.

The price is high, but is a good investment for a juice bar or restaurant or health club.

And if you just want an excellent juicer for your family, the price tag may be worth it if it keeps your family healthier and away from doctors – something to consider.

If you need to, you should be able to find most Nutrifaster n450 Commercial Juicer parts on Amazon.


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