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Which Would Be Worse-No Fast Food or No Juicing Machine?

horse and buggyI often wonder what it would be like to go back to the old days when they didn’t have technology. No fast food joints.  No computers.  But also no juicing machines.  Hmmm.

We say we’ve advanced leaps and bounds because of technology. But have we really? Sure, we have cars and cell phones with GPS, tiny computer chips that do things we can’t even do as humans, robots that vacuum for us, and so on.

Is Technology Helping or Hurting Us?

Because of technology, most of us don’t get the kind of exercise we should. Kids, especially, would rather sit around chatting online or playing video games than be outside walking, running, riding bikes, or building camps like we did when I was a kid.

Obesity is running rampant. Well, not really running. That’s why there’s so much obesity in the United States. People aren’t running. And they’re not eating right. Back in the old days, it was quite the novelty to get a piece of candy.

They had to grow their own food, so they got the nutrition that’s greatly lacking in today’s fast food nation. Obviously, back then they didn’t have juicers, but if we went back to living like they did, growing our own food, we would be able to juice that food now. So not only would we have natural food to eat, but also natural healthy food to turn into juice.

But think about it. What would it be like to get rid of the TV, computer, cell phone, ipad, iphone,working the land i-everything and just go back to living off the land? It wouldn’t be easy. But I’ll bet it would be rewarding. Spend a day working outside tilling a garden, grooming a horse, pulling weeds. You’ll be pretty tired. You wouldn’t have time for anything else. As soon as it was dark out, you’d go to bed and get up at first light, feed the livestock, get back to work in the fields.

What if there were no loud cars or motorbikes or jets? Would the silence be deafening or would it be welcome?

What Would it Be Like To Be One With the Earth?

Sure, people are living longer now because of technology. There are ways of healing and prolonging life that weren’t available 100 years ago. But what’s our quality of life? What are we living for? I suppose you could turn it around and say what was their quality of life back then? Most people didn’t have the option of taking vacations. They couldn’t acquire all the “toys” we have available to us now.

But they had something most of us rarely find – a oneness with the earth. They lived by nature’s clock. They ate nature’s food. They had less cancer and heart disease because they didn’t eat all the crap we eat today.

There were no fast food traps with all the preservatives and empty calories.  They didn’t put a bunch of chemicals in the ground and on the plants.  They actually made their own meals. Imagine that. No take-out pizza? How did they survive?

We Can Choose To Change

I guess I should fit the topic of juicing into this post somehow. I know we can’t go back to how it used to be. Not many people would even consider it.

But we can choose to change our eating habits. We can choose to buy organic foods and drink fresh organically-produced juice from the Hurom juicer we purchased at Amazon. We can choose not to be obese, not to sit around eating, drinking and watching TV all day. We can choose to go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride.

You only need to spend 20 minutes a day exercising to make a difference. That’s a pretty small portion of the day. Are you up for it? Can you find 20 minutes today to take your dog for a walk?

Try Slowing Down

Everything seems to move faster as we age.  There’s just so much to get done in a single day.  We have to go go go all the time;  work long days, take the kids to practice, stop at the grocery store, get to appointments.  Time flies by.  Days turn into years and we miss a lot of the beauty and wonder in nature all around us.

Will you slow down enough to notice the pattern in the clouds,clouds the tiny hummingbird in the flower, the smell of a freshly mowed yard? Can you take the time to make yourself a healthy drink full of vitamins and minerals? Don’t you think you’d feel so much better in the long run? I know I would.

Maybe It’s Time?

I have a juicer, but I don’t use it regularly. I have a store nearby that sells organic fruits and vegetables. I have a dog who likes to go for walks. I could be much healthier than I am. But like many, I’ve fallen into the lazy category. Maybe it’s time for us all to make a change. Maybe it’s time to close the laptop and get out into the world.

Thanks for letting me meander through my thoughts here.  I hope I’ve at least made you stop and think for a minute about your situation, your life, your health.  If so, please leave a comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree and any other thoughts you might have.