Super Angel Twin Gear Juicer Review – Is it the Best Juicer?

Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer- 5500The most efficient way to get the very most juice and therefore the most nutrients, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, etc. from your juicing experience is to use the twin gear juicing technology.  That is what the Super Angel Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer is all about and why it’s one of the best juicers on the market.

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

How Does This Twin Gear Technology Work?

The twin gears in this unit rotate at 82 rpm with 3HP of grinding force, crushing cellulose fibers  in order to get the very most nutritional value out of every piece of produce.  These 2 gears are totally stainless steel, interlocking to get the perfect crushing ability, along with being FDA approved for high quality.twin gears

The fruit and vegetables go through a 3 step process to crush and filter out the most juice possible.

The low rpms, which are the lowest of all the twin gear juicers, keeps the juice at the most minimal oxidation possible, therefore keeping intact the nutritional qualities.

These gears are made of high quality antibacterial stainless steel SUS-304(18-8).
This means there are no plastic parts that might snap off during use.

The cellulose fibers within fruits and vegetables contain much of the nutrients and enzymes we expect to get from juicing.  The 3HP twin gears slowly yet powerfully crush those fibers to a pulp, extracting the most nutrients and juice of any juicer.

Normally it’s a good idea to use only organic fruit and vegetables for juicing or eating, but this twin gear juicer will actually keep most of the chemicals and heavy metals, possibly up to 90%, out of your juice through the process of crushing the produce, sending the juice to one container and the pulp to another.  The chemicals are in the outer peeling and the pulp of produce and as the juice is squeezed and sent through the fine filtering system, the pulp with its chemicals gets left behind.  It can then be easily disposed of.  If it’s organic produce, the pulp can be used in salads, muffins or as compost.

Is This Juicer As Loud As Others?

Because of the unique cooling system within this juicer, there is less strain on the motor, allowing it to run fairly quietly.  Of course anything with a motor is going to make some noise.  It just can’t be helped, but at least it will be quiet enough to run in the morning as with the Cuisinart CJE if you’re an early riser,  and others are still sleeping, depending of course on how light a sleeper they are.

Can it Juice Wheatgrass and Other Leafy Greens?

Yes, most definitely. Wheatgrass is full of nutrients and will juice well in the Angel juicing machine.  It can juice nearly anything, including pine needles.  Pine needles have a lot of nutrition in them, but juicing them is probably not the easiest way to access those good qualities. It takes a lot of needles to get a little juice and could put too much unnecessary stress on the juicer.  Instead, you might consider making a pine needle tea.

The Super Angel can also make nut butters, tofu and sorbets from frozen fruit.

Will the Angel Juicer Overheat if Used Too Long in One Sitting?

There is an internal thermostat on this machine that automatically senses when it’s getting too hot and it will shut it down to prevent overheating.  First there will be a beep, then the motor will shut down and the indicator light will start blinking.  The cooling fan will then cool down the system, which could take several minutes during which time the motor will not run.

Once it cools, there will be another beep and the indicator light will light up again without blinking.

The user’s manual suggests resting the juicer for 10 minutes for every half hour of use to further reduce the chance of overheating.

One suggestion with this twin gear juicer that is different from most other juicers is to let the fan run for about 20 minutes after you’re finished juicing to make sure the system is cooled down.  Just leave the main switch on during this time.  This will help prolong the life of the Super Angel juicing machine.

What if the Food Gets Jammed in the Juicer?

Produce can get jammed in nearly every juicer and this one is no different.  However, with the ability to reverse the gears, it’s easy to unclog the jam and continue on.  One way to keep food from getting jammed in the first place is to only put very small portions of fruit or vegetables in the juicer at a time and wait for them to get crushed before putting more in.

If you do need to reverse the motor, it’s necessary to hit the “Stop” button first, then “Reverse”.  Then hit the “Stop” button again before hitting the “Start” button once more.

Is it Difficult To Clean?

This is a fairly easy juicer to clean because there are only about 4 parts that need cleaning.  As usual, if cleaned right away, it is much easier than setting it aside and cleaning up later. Probably the most difficult part is the screen because the holes are so tiny it might not be obvious that some of them might be clogged.  It’s easy to tell if held up to a light.  Any clogging of the holes will reduce the amount of juice coming through the filter so it’s important to keep all of the holes unclogged.

One way to unclog filter holes is to let the filter screen sit in a mixture of 2 parts baking soda to 2 parts water overnight.  This will make it easy to clean with a brush.  Just be sure not to soak the sensor.

How Much Does the Super Angel Cost?

This is definitely one of the higher priced juicers as you can see here, but it’s also one that can be used commercially as in a deli or juice bar.  I’m actually surprised there aren’t more juice bars around such as there are espresso shops on nearly every corner.  Fresh juice is so much better for us than coffee, yet we’ll spend up to $5 or more on one cup of sweetened coffee, hoping that caffeine kick will get us through the day.  If only we could convince people that a cup of freshly made juice is more apt to give them the energy to get through the day plus it’s so much better for us all.

What Kind of Warranty Does it Have?

There is a 10 yr warranty on nearly all of the parts, with a 5 yr. warranty for wear and tear on the extracting screen housing.  And there is no warranty on the pulp or juice collectors, the food pusher, the fuse or the cleaning brush.

What Are Some of the Negative Aspects?

  • You have to cut the produce into small pieces to fit in the chute and so that the twin gears can slowly crush the juice out.  It does take a little longer than a centrifugal juicer, but it’s also much more efficient.  You just have to have patience and set aside the appropriate amount of time.
  • There are no handles on this juicer, so it might be best to leave it sitting in one place if you have the space on the counter.  It ways about 21 lbs. so it’s not too convenient to move around.  It’s about 10.5 inches tall and almost 20 inches long.
  • Trying to juice soft fruit such as pears or grapes can be trying because mushy food tends to clog the holes in the filter, which in turn can cause juice to back up into the feeding chute.  In order to juice these soft fruits, feed only a small portion through the food chute at a time. If the screen still gets clogged, use the “Reverse” button to clear it or you may have to manually clean out the filter screen.  It’s also best to use the food pusher with the silicone o-ring to prevent splashing.

You can also add in something firmer like a carrot in between soft foods to help prevent clogging.

  • When juicing carrots, you can’t put a lot in at a time, nor press too hard on them.  It’s best to slice fatter carrots lengthwise and only put one in at a time until it’s crushed up.  It’s kind of a matter of trial and error with carrots to see what works best.


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In summary, whether you’re juicing fruits and vegetables or wheatgrass and leafy greens, this is a great juicer for someone very dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle.  It is expensive and probably not for someone just starting out.  With proper care it should last several years.  And it would be a great investment for anyone starting a small juice bar business.

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